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Data & Technology for
Financial Inclusion & Well-Being 

Our Vision Widespread and inclusive access to basic financial products, services and guidance made possible by data and technology.

Why Now  Consumer finance is going digital and mobile. We need to make sure that millions of families share in the benefits and aren’t left behind.

The Commons We are building a centralized collaborative platform with technology, expertise, data, tools, governance and other resources that can be used, re-used and built upon by organizations, institutions and researchers to massively help people achieve financial well-being and stability.


The Problem We Are Addressing

The Need Undeserved families that have attained a small measure of economic stability still have to navigate a complex and sometimes treacherous financial world without the resources of wealthier households.

Today Social impact and public organizations around the world have addressed this need for years by providing financial counseling and other services at little or no cost to help families plan, save, deal with setbacks and continue their journey to full financial health and well-being.

The Challenge Current methods are expensive and difficult to scale and these organizations don't individually have the resources they need to develop the data-driven technology they need to evolve, scale and accomplish their missions in the future.







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